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Jared Lekites teams up with Connor Anderson forming the band The Lunar Laugh and tees up a “must-have” masterwork. Although this album is short, each song is instantly catchy and timeless pop that uses inspiration from the ’60s and ’70s without sounding too retro or imitative.

“Man Against Man” is a quick paced rocker about partisanship in government. “Winsome” slows down just enough to a smoother mid-tempo chorus about looking back on childhood and “Apollo” is the LP centerpiece that recalls Lindsey Buckingham at his Fleetwood Mac peak with all the rich production and layered harmonies. Each song transitions well after the other, “On The Road” and “When I’m Alone” are both excellent pop gems. “Beds On Fire” is a slow atmospheric ballad with majestic piano that breaks things up, but then it jumps back on the bouncy pop wagon. Not a single wasted note here, and easily makes it as a candidate for my top ten of 2015 list... Don’t miss this one!
- Powerpopaholic

Connor Anderson and Jared Lekites are the laughing lunar boys, and they’ve fashioned a nicely done, relatively brief (nine songs, 26 minutes) foray into ‘60s and ‘70s-inspired pop music that quite often sounds not unlike early Wings jamming with Lindsey Buckingham. (Speaking of Buckingham, if you haven’t heard Lekites’ glorious solo tune “Too Far Gone” from 2012, seek it out post-haste; it’s the best tune that LB never wrote.) The compact tunes on Apollo push all the necessary buttons: plenty of harmonies, tasty melodies galore, and Lekites’ perfectly understated lead vox out in front. “Man Against Man” is a hyper-catchy opener, “Winsome” is just that, the backing vocals on the title track are crazy good, “On the Road” features more amazing – and somewhat ghostly – background vocals, “Beds on Fire” ups the dreamy/moody quotient, the piano on the folky “Bottom of the World” is a nice touch, and a pretty cover of Mike Nesmith’s “Some of Shelly’s Blues” is a worthy disc-closer. Hope to hear more from these guys soon! Grade: A
- John M. Borack, Goldmine Magazine

The Lunar Laugh, Apollo — if you know anything about me at all, you know I have a particular love for bands that combine pop and country and psychedelic in that sparkling, effervescent way that bands in 1968 in California were able to so perfectly. Give me the jangle of a 12-string, a bright melody, a hair of twang and some gorgeous vocal harmonies, and I’m so bloody in. This two-piece band do a pretty damn marvelous job of all of that — they remind me a lot of San Francisco’s Orange Peels, in fact, able to effortlessly do all of that while still sounding rooted enough in 2015 to not sound like a pure throwback, which is one hell of a feat. Highlights abound: the wistful, cheerful “Apollo,” the delightfully wide-open “On The Road,” the gorgeously low-key and twangy “Bottom of the World” and a niftily Byrdsy cover of Monkee Mike Nesmith’s “Some Of Shelly’s Blues,” which oughta give you a notion of where their head is at. I’m assuming main man Jared Lekites is responsible for the lion’s share of lead vocals, and his voice is clear and absolutely crisp, and the harmonies are knockout, too. Special points for the Milt Glaser-esque cover illustration by master designer Steve Stanley — I’m a nerd for this whole package, and if you dig some 60s chiming pop, you will be too.
- Jon Hunt, letoile magazine

The Lunar Laugh are mainly Jared Lekites and Connor Anderson, two pop geniuses like The Red Button, The Galaxies, or other mad music scientists holed up with too many instruments and state-of-art recording. In other words, a glorious pop explosion in the manner of the afore mentioned, as well as The Rembrandts and Secret Friend. “Man Against Man” erupts like fireworks over Disney World with dynamics, hooks, and tight two-part harmonies. Their songcraft is admirable with little grace notes everywhere, like the guitar filigree on “Apollo,” or the simple arresting guitar figures in “On the Road” and “Bottom of the World.” “Apollo” has a Posies vibe but Lunar Laugh succeeds in creating their own sound.
Five stars.
- Pop Geek Heaven


released May 1, 2015

Produced by Graham Colton, Dustin Paige, & Brine Webb
Executive Producer: Jared Lekites

Engineered by Graham, Dustin, & Brine @ Lunar Manor,
Oklahoma City, OK

Additional engineering by Adam Marsland @
Karma Frog, Reseda, CA

Edited & Mixed by Brine Webb

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun @
Focus Mastering, Omaha, NE

Logo design & art layout – Steve Stanley
Photography - Shilo Rayne

All songs written by Jared Lekites (BMI) except where noted

Connor Thanks: My loving and supporting family,
Jay Prock, Maryjane Burton, my LifeLight Band family,
Jared Lekites, Mark Austin King, Brooke Potter,
Justin Larman, Cyndi Steele-Harrod, ACM@UCO,
the people of St. Luke’s Asbury, the St. Luke’s Edmond
Praise Band, Cheryl Steele, Emily Crowder, Kym Johnston
& Box Talent, Kat Evans, John Pettigrew, Graham Colton &
Brine Webb, Cindy Scarberry & The Centennial Rodeo
Opry, Shilo Rayne/Rayne Photography

Jared’s thanks and inspiration: Wesley, The Bangles,
Graham, Dustin, Brine, Connor, Adam, Barak, Doug @
Focus, Mom, Dad, the J-Crew, Windy, Pillowpants, Divine,
Ferris O’Brien, David Bash, Guestroom Records,
Rick Hromadka, Andrew Sandoval, Jim Laspesa,
Gary Schneider, Steve Stanley, Sheryl Farber,
David Broyles, Kendall Combes, Jamie Tate,
Nathan Mickle, Andrew Janousek, Luke Reese,
Tyler Creswell, Eric Warncke, John Lane, Jeffery Self,
Jim Hansen, Jimmy Simpson, Shilo Rayne,
Brady Leasure, Michael Huff (thanks for stopping by!),
my candleland peeps, Becky Stark, Brian Wilson and
Paul McCartney

Extra Special Thanks:
Rick Alliss
Michelle Beckham
Mike Cantor
Sue Dupuis
Howard Herrick
Adam & Courtney McFarland
Michael Newman
Brad Wood


all rights reserved



The Lunar Laugh Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Lunar Laugh is a PowerPop band based in Oklahoma City. At the group's core is the singer/songwriter trio of Connor Anderson, Jared Lekites, and Campbell Young backed by Jimmy Jackson's powerful drumming.

Their music draws inspiration from the classic pop masterworks of the 60s and 70s, with fully realized arrangements and lush harmonies in the foreground.
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Track Name: Man Against Man
Well everyone's looking for someone to blame
That's how you play the political game
The country splits into a great divide
If you can't beat 'em then you're on the wrong side

Ever since the world began
It's been Man Against Man

It's a rich man's game and a poor fool's loss
When you profit from war, you don't count the cost
the noose is tied around your throat
But they'll let you live if they can have your vote

Ever since the world began
It's been Man Against Man

Keep off the grass, can't you read the sign
All this fussing and fighting over an imaginary line
The lines are blurred between wrong and right
Would you rather be black or white

Well to err is human and I can forgive
All the corruption and greed with which we're forced to live
In God we trust, how great a debtor
We're no worse and you're no better

Ever since the world began
It's been man against man
Track Name: Winsome
Winsome with two different colored eyes
My mistakes have made you wise
to the heart that's slumberin'

Imprisoned by the chains that drag us down
It's live and die in this damn town
I can't stop from wanderin'

I remember sleeping in a cradle
I remember crawling under the table

Did we get big or did the world get small
Now Mr. Bush is painting portraits of us all
Bang your head against a wall

I remember falling out of bed
I remember music in my head
I remember finding you beside me
I remember needing you to guide me
I remember the day I let you know
I remember you said you had to go
Track Name: Apollo
So they say you made the grade
Guess I'll see you in the trades
You know, I'd hate to follow you
Does my envy swallow you

Always unassuming
A regular superhuman
And what would Apollo do
Would his envy swallow you

You've been perched high on your soapbox
Pledging your love for classic rock
but you don't know the words to Revolution
or Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

If I were to follow through
Would your envy swallow you
And what would Apollo do
Tell me what would Apollo do
Track Name: On The Road
I'm out on the road
Reading up on the dead sea scroll
Driving through cities
Driving through towns
Never looking back
Never slowing down

I'm out on the road
Wearing out the soul
Viewing the vast ever-changing skies
through my more or less American eyes

Why don't I know what I want
Why can't I paint you the pictures in my mind
These voices only seem to taunt
The false illusions and perversions
that are driving me blind

Carry me away
Catch another wave
Carry me away
I can't face another day

I'm out on the road
Disregarding the fire code
Playing my songs
making bank
but every dollar winds up in the gas tank

Why can't they appreciate
All the time that it takes to procrastinate
And when they open the flood gate
I'll say good riddance to the burden of fate

Carry me away
Catch another wave
Carry me away
I can't face another day

Wake up from a bad dream
Wish you were high
Wonder why the whole damn world
Has passed you by
Passed you by
Passed you by
Passed you by
Track Name: When I'm Alone
When I'm alone I often ask myself
why can't I do things quite as neatly
as everyone else

It's hard to admit
when we're in the harvest of our years
Wasting the day
swimming in harbors full of tears

When I'm alone
I'm loving you
I love you
Like you told me to
When I'm alone

When I'm alone I often ask myself
Am I wasting time
trying to appeal to everyone else

It's hard to admit
when you're passed your salad days
But given time
We'll find our way out of this maze

When I'm Alone
I'm loving you
I love you
like you told me to
When I'm Alone

Nobody calls me
Nobody writes
But I don't mind sleeping alone tonight

When I'm alone
I'm loving you
there's nothing more
that I can do
When I'm Alone
Track Name: Beds on Fire
Speak not of what you want
Own up to what you need

Take it from the man
with the world in his hands
Over seven billion hungry mouths to feed

Once you were in it
But now you're just tired
You need to sleep
But your bed's on fire

Highly regarded
often admire
You want to sleep
But your bed's on fire

Born of a fading light
Died by your own free will

Try and understand
It's all part of the plan
All we got is each other
and time to kill
Track Name: Bottom of The World
So I lost my head again
And I don't know where it went
I don't know where it went

I think I could use a friend
But I don't know where they went
I don't know where they went

I'm working my way up
To the bottom of the world
I'm working my way up
to the bottom of the world
Fancy meeting you there

Hell yeah

I put my foot in my mouth again
(fragile mind and a tell tale heart
where it begins ain't where it starts)
I was talking to myself
I was talking to myself

I thought you were my friend
(a pick-me-up when shit goes down
don't bat an eye when I split town)
I was talking to myself
I was talking to myself

I'm working my way up
To the bottom of the world
I'm working my way up
to the bottom of the world
Fancy meeting you there
(Lately you've been on my mind
My ears are burning please be kind)

Hell yeah
Track Name: The Way I Roll
Down on a street called Heartache
I made my first mistake
And it won't be the last

Time is mostly what I'm wasting
Money is the honey that I'm tasting
Help me forget the past

If you're ever all alone
Look elsewhere 'cause I'm all gone

I wanna live it up
With a big brass cup
Filled to the brim
Don't mess around with Slim

Aye I won't slow down
It's all over town
something you can't control
And that's the way I roll

Home is a warmer climate
Throw in a line to rhyme it
Help me forget the past

If you need a helping hand
Sorry babe I can't meet demand

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